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Linda Hardy, Counselling and Therapy Service in Central Glasgow and on-line

A Wee Bit About Me

I live on the Ayrshire coast with my husband David, and enjoy getting out with my camera, or going for a walk or a cycle ride. 
Originally from Stirlingshire, I moved 'down south' when I was in my early 20s, then lived for a total of about 30 years in a combination of places - namely Brighton, London and Berkshire. I was based in London for the majority of my working life, and living and working within a multi-cultural environment enriched my life immensely.  

For many years, I was employed by a major charity, and supported people through many challenges in life. This included within street homelessness services, and in community and mental health outreach settings across London.

My work meant that I had to be flexible, and to be able to adapt to a wide range of situations and social and emotional needs.  I decided to formally train as a therapist to enhance the skills I was using, and in 2011, I graduated with a Masters degree in Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from the University of in 2011; having also gained a degree in Politics & Development Studies from Sussex University in 1996.

Since graduating with my Masters in 2011, I was employed for 4 years as a Senior Counsellor, working with Carers and bereaved individuals, and worked within a drug and alcohol recovery service for 2 years. I also developed a series of workshops, and have so far presented them on several occasions to a variety of teams. 


My Counselling and Therapy Service is located in Glasgow City Centre, right next door to Central Station.  I look forward to welcoming you should you wish to consider me as your therapist

Thanks for taking time to read my profile.

With warmest wishes,


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