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Utilising Cognitive Behaviour Therapy In Everyday Practice

A workshop for social and welfare workers

This 1-day workshop utilises a range of videos, group work, discussion, PowerPoint and experiential exercises.


Module 1

An introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  

  • What IS Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?  A overview of CBT will be presented, illustrated by an interactive experience.

Module 2

A focus on unhelpful beliefs and thinking processes 

  • What beliefs do we carry that generate distress?

  • What can we think instead that could be more helpful?

Module 3

How might we interact with our client to aid more helpful thinking?

  • How can we help our client think in a way that better supports them?

  • Members are invited to bring their own experiences to aid their work with clients 


 Module 4


Working with emotions effectively:  For example:​

  • How can we work with difficult feelings such as anger or anxiety?  What sort of techniques might help?

  • Getting in tune with our body. What physical sensations might be an indication of how we feel?  

  • Creative exercises, discussion and videos will be employed here.


Module 5

Working with behaviour:  What can we do to effect change in our life?

  • We will explore possible actions our clients may utilise.  Members of the group will be invited to share techniques that may have helped themselves or their clients in the past.

Module 6


Integrating thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical reactions

  • General discussion and feedback.  For example, how might the learning of the day be carried forward into everyday practice? 




  • Suggested websites and books.

  • A few simple forms that may be helpful to you in your practice.


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