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Help Myself Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Tools and Techniques

A Workshop for Students

This 1-day workshop utilises a range of videos, group work, discussion, PowerPoint and experiential exercises.  

It has been written especially for the needs of students, and takes into account many of the issues that individuals may face, such as anxiety, homesickness, debt, perfectionism tendencies and more. 

Module 1

An introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  

  • What IS Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?  A overview of CBT will be presented, illustrated by an interactive experience.

Module 2

Focus on thinking

  • Is your thinking style helping you our hindering you? 

  • How can we help promote helpful alternatives with ourselves? 

  • What are these alternatives?

Module 3

Focus on emotions 

  • How do our emotions impact on our well being?

  • What can we do to help our self feel better?

  • Group members are invited to bring their own experiences.


 Module 4


Working with emotions effectively:  For example:​

  • How can we work with difficult feelings such as fear or anxiety?  What sort of techniques might help?

  • Creative exercises, discussion and videos will be employed here.


Module 5

Working with behaviour:  What can we do to effect change in our life?

Module 6


Integrating thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical reactions

  • Group work, case-studies and discussion.

  • General discussion and feedback.  For example, how might the learning of the day be carried forward into the future? 




  • Suggested websites and books.

  • A few simple forms that may be helpful to you in your practice.


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