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Feedback: Working With Suicidal Clients

This feedback is from a group of professionals who worked for a Carers and bereavement service in London, including qualified counsellors and support and outreach workers.  

The workshop is continuously updated and improved.




​"I thought it was all good and I liked the interaction with facilitator and participants

I thought exploding the myths about what people think about suicide was good and challenging people’s beliefs about it

As a manager, I am much more aware of the need to support workers whose clients are presenting as suicidal

Very good handouts

I used to really judge people who commit suicide, this has made me question that

The discussion about the ethics of assisted dying was interesting for me

It was really good to find out the procedure to follow if my client is suicidal

Learned a lot about why people kill themselves

The way the issues and content was presented was very good"



The quality of the workbooks is regularly commented on.


Furthermore, it has been noted how professional and well structured they are; as well as 'surprise' that they are given to everyone to keep.

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